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I was in Inveraray (West of Scotland) the other day. It was possibly the biggest embarrasment Scotland has. The whole place was a tourist trap - £9.00 for a fish supper!?! - and it's not as if it was even a prime tourist destination. Please boycott the place, and places like it. The only reason local business get away with charging what they do is because people are willing to pay the prices

Posted by mikeyBoab 04:46

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so bad that you didn't take a photo ??? it may have been featured and got you promoted !! ;)

by Rraven

If I ever visit Scotland, I will join your revolt! Down with fish suppers!!! (Not with suppers - just the fish part of it.) ;)
But, you are right - as long as people are willing to pay, businesses will continue to charge unreasonable rates. What's a reasonable rate for a fish supper?

by Isadora

I agree! It's a ripoff! That's why I prefer to experience the more authentic feel of the country rather than the major tourist destinations-- there is always gonna be a markup on goods in those spots

by bbujol05

A fish supper should be, at the most, 5 pounds. 9 pounds is just an insult.

by mikeyBoab

If you are every touring the United States of America, please do not go to Mermac Caverns (http://www.americascave.com/). Meramec cavern in Missouri was a disappointment. Dubbed "America's Cave," Meramec cavern has an excellent history including being a hidding spot for the outlaw Jesse James. But upon arriving, the place was tourist kitch. The main entrance was turned into a ballroom complete with disco ball. The cave was nice, but nothing special and no ability to get off the tourist trail and really explore the cave. At the end, you get to sit and watch a SUPER CAMPY light show while "God Bless America" plays, ending with the American Flag being shown in lights on the side of the cave wall. Not at all the day of cave adventure I was hoping for.

If they had fish suppers, they would be 9 pounds I am sure.

by GregW

Holy cow Mikey £9 for a fish supper?????? Hope you didnt pay that!!

by Purdy

£9 for a fish supper? Ouch. I love fish, but I wouldn't pay so much for it! I hope Inveraray has something more to offer than expensive fish suppers...

by summer910

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